On Malta, Lufthansa Technik is testing the future - from drone-based
inspections of the aircraft skin to mobile 3D scanners to
exoskeletons. The innovation bay at Lufthansa Technik Malta will
increasingly focus on reviewing state-of-the-art technologies for
aircraft overhauls in the near future. The objective: Everything that
proves itself in practice there will be integrated in the work
process and rolled out to all other Lufthansa Technik base
maintenance locations.

For this purpose, Lufthansa Technik is cooperating with both startups
and established technology companies. Innovative mobile 3D scanners
are currently being tested for use in making detailed measurements of
structural damage. In addition, the company is examining a solution
for drone-based inspections of the aircraft skin as well as
exoskeletons from different providers that can relieve employees of
physically strenuous work during production. More innovative
technological solutions from external partners are set to follow.

The selection is based primarily on top trends, but also on
day-to-day requirements. "Our aim is to improve base maintenance
processes and then use the improved processes across all our
locations. This enables us to guarantee the same quality and
standards at the highest technological level throughout the Lufthansa
Technik Group's network," says Marcus Motschenbacher, CEO of
Lufthansa Technik Malta.

And Malta is just the start: Innovation bays are currently being
planned at other Lufthansa Technik locations. This is an important
contribution to shortening aircraft layovers for airline customers.