Indonesia says its new R80 prototype aircraft will be completed and targeted to fly in 2022. The program requires US$1.6 billion in funds to manufacture the aircraft.

"It is now the design stage. This year or next year begins the creation of the prototype," said Commissioner of the Region Aviation Industry, Ilham Habibie Habibie.

The turboprop aircraft is capable of carrying 80 passengers, and is powered by the same engines on Indonesia's 50-seat aircraft, the N250.

Orders are already at 155 units, as it is designed specicially for Indonesia, which consists of many short-haul flights with a short runway.

The R80 aircraft will be partly made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia and the final assembly will be handled by PT Regio Aviation Industry. Assembly will be done in the area of Kertajati Airport, West Java.

Tucana Engineering Ukraine also signed on to help manufacture the aircraft.

The R80 will aslo be marketed to ASEAN countries which require such aircraft, including Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.