CHULA VISTA - Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United
Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), and Lufthansa Technik AG today
announced a licensing agreement for nacelle Maintenance Repair &
Overhaul (MRO) services on A320neo aircraft. Collins Aerospace, the
original equipment manufacturer for the A320neo PW1100G nacelle, has
more than 1,100 nacelles in service on this aircraft platform.  

The agreement, which continues the collaboration between Collins
Aerospace and Lufthansa Technik, calls for Collins Aerospace to
provide Lufthansa Technik with technical and repair process
information, access to OEM tooling, and rotable asset pools to
support a full suite of A320neo nacelle MRO services. Building upon
Collins Aerospace's eight strategically located nacelle MRO
facilities, the agreement now opens A320neo operators to Lufthansa
Technik's expansive MRO network around the world. Access to this
expanded MRO network together with in-region asset presence and the
enhanced ability to conduct on-site repairs around the world will
reduce aircraft downtime, passenger delays, and transportation costs
incurred by the airline.

"As a result of this agreement, A320neo operators now have access to
multiple high-quality repair center locations for nacelle MRO
services," said Marc Duvall, president of Aerostructures at Collins
Aerospace. "The collaborative relationship between Lufthansa Technik
and Collins Aerospace, which also includes the 787 and A350XWB
nacelles, ensures a high standard of quality while meeting the
demands of airlines with full confidence."

Michael Kirstein, Head of Aircraft Systems / ARC (airframe related
components) at Lufthansa Technik, said: "In expanding Lufthansa
Technik's collaboration with Collins Aerospace, we are expanding the
network of support to the growing A320neo customer base of over 100
airlines. Furthermore, this agreement is another milestone for
Lufthansa Technik to offer its comprehensive repair and asset
provision services on all new aircraft types".