On Thursday, December 20, at approximately 17:00 Pacific Standard Time, Mitsubishi Aircraft America, Inc. submitted court filings seeking dismissal of Bombardier’s lawsuit and is preparing to submit additional filings answering and denying Bombardier’s allegations.

The company firmly maintains that it has not misappropriated any of Bombardier’s trade secrets, and that its hiring practices fully comply with applicable law. Mitsubishi Aircraft believes that the true intent of Bombardier’s lawsuit is to disrupt the development of the MRJ and to chill the free mobility of experienced engineers within the aerospace employment market.

Mitsubishi Aircraft is also considering counterclaims that it may raise against Bombardier in connection with this lawsuit. The company is confident that it will ultimately prevail in defending itself from Bombardier’s unwarranted allegations, and that Bombardier’s actions will not adversely impact the development and entry into service of the MRJ or the success of the MRJ program.