In August the national airline Nordica again had over 60,000 passengers. The company served a total of 63,614 passengers in the course of last month. Compared to August of last year, this represents growth of 46.2%. By proportion of passengers Nordica retained its market leader position for flights departing from Tallinn, at 26.8%. The airline performed a total of 1,124 flights in August. 98.3% of all flights were operated, with 75% of those departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled time.

The Estonian airline’s most popular destinations in August were Warsaw, Munich and Stockholm. According to Toomas Uibo, Nordica’s Marketing and Communications Manager, flights this summer peaked in July, as they usually do, and in the course of that month the domestic airline served over 67,000 people. “You can extend your summer into September and October by flying with us to Croatia, Nice or Odessa. The Gothenburg route that opened at the end of August is a great way to visit that family-friendly town, especially as children can now fly there paying only the airport fees. We are confident that the remaining months of this year will also be successful for Nordica,” Toomas Uibo added.