The Icelandair will have a stake in the share capital of TACV, said the Minister of Finance, Olavo Correia, during your hearing on the management of the national airline.

"We have a partnership with Icelandair and services are provided at market conditions. The payments, of course, are not made in cash but will be converted into social participation at the time of privatization, which gives guarantees to the company to operate within a framework of peace," said the Finance Minister when asked by the the business of privatization of TACV and what is the role of the Icelandic company in the future of the national aviation company.

"We are getting closer to a final decision," said Olavo Correia.

The Government, stated the Minister of Finance, is "waiting for the company to review and then negotiate the conditions of price and payment conditions for reaching an understanding. There is interest from Icelandair in entering the share capital of the company. But I can't guarantee now how this is going to be closed in one or two months. I want it to be done as soon as possible and I'm positive about that, so far, but I can't give you the warranty because it is a negotiation between the State and a private company".

The beginning of the evaluation process of TACV is scheduled for the middle of March 2018.