The number of passenger on international flights was 191 thousand in February and decreased by 5% compared to February last year. The decrease is mainly due to less passengers on the tourist market to Iceland. The demand was not in line with the total capacity increase on that market. The total capacity decreased by 1% and the passenger load factor was 74.3% compared to 75.9% in February last year.

The number of passengers on domestic and regional flights were just short of 22 thousand, decreasing by 3% compared to February last year. There was a great deal of weather disruptions during the month, and thus a significant number of domestic flights were cancelled. The capacity in February was 11% higher than in February last year, due to flights to Belfast in cooperation with Icelandair, which started in June 2017 and flights on the route between Keflavik and Akureyri which started in the end of February 2017. The passenger load factor was 62.6%.

Sold block hours in charter flights increased by 44% between as a result of new long-term assignments. Freight increased by 24% due to more import to Iceland, but a strike in the seafood industry in Iceland last year, which effected the export of fish negatively, also affects the comparison. The number of sold room nights at the Company’s Hotels was down by 5% from last year. The main reason is closing of hotel rooms in Icelandair Hotel Natura due to renovation. The number of sold hotel rooms increased between years at all other hotels. The room utilisation was 81.6% compared to 85.6% in February 2017.