The Company carried 540 thousand passengers on international flights in July. The number of passengers was 10% above the figure for July last year. The Company has never before carried more passengers in a single month. The passenger load factor was 88.4% compared to 87.5% in July last year. The number of available seat kilometres increased by 12% between years. Passengers on domestic and regional flights were nearly 37 thousand in July. The capacity was increased by 2% compared to July 2016. The load factor was 69.7.6%, decreasing by 1.4 percentage points from last year. The number of sold block hours in charter flights increased by 15% between years. Cargo transport increased by 41%year-on-year, due to increased import to Iceland and via transport between Europe and N-America. The number of sold room nights at our Hotels decreased by 4% compared to previous year. The room occupancy was 87.4%, compared to 90.8% in July last year.