In March 2022, Icelandic airline Icelandair joined the group of clients of the Warsaw maintenance base. This is already the second new client this year, who in the last few months entrusted LOTAMS with their aircraft.

The cooperation was initiated in March with a C-check performed on Boeing 767 with registration marks TF-ISO. As part of the service, LOTAMS personnel carried out a maintenance check of the aircraft, which included functional and operational tests of all aircraft systems, inspections of aircraft structure and engines, as well as cleaning of filters and lubrication of elements in aircraft systems. The scope of work also included full aesthetics of the aircraft interior and such maintenance activities as inspections of passenger and crew seats and findings rectification.

Additionally, the Icelandic carrier commissioned LOTAMS to renew the anti-corrosion coating and to perform winglets removal and their structural inspection. The wing reinforcement stringers, which are installed prior to the installation of the winglets, were inspected. LOTAMS personnel also performed NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and visual inspection for damages of the airframe structure at the locations of the Broadband Communication System installation.