Icelandair Group hf., Icelandair ehf. and The Icelandic Airline Pilots Association (FIA) have signed a collective-bargaining agreement which is valid until 31 December 2019. The agreement will now be presented to FIA members who will vote on the agreement.

Bjorgolfur Johannsson, CEO of Icelandair: "For this round of negotiations, both parties used different approach than from before. The goal was to secure competitive wages for our pilots in an international comparison, while strengthening the competitiveness of the Company. With this agreement, we have taken constructive steps which we are satisfied with. Equally as important, the parties to the agreement have agreed to continue their cooperation for the furthering of our common goals."

Ornolfur Jonsson, Chairman of FIA: "Pilots are fully aware that the competitive conditions of the Company are ever-changing. During the last few years, demand for the services of pilots has increased. We are pleased that with this agreement we have managed to strengthen the mutual benefit of Icelandair and FIA. We believe it’s a new beginning of a common path of Icelandair and FIA."