17th October 2023 – IBA’s latest Aviation Industry Barometer revealed that there were 87 commercial aircraft deliveries in September 2023, representing a month-on-month and year-on-year variance of -5%and -27% respectively.                                                                                         

IBA Insight, the leading aviation intelligence platform, shows that in September:

  • Monthly global passenger capacity edges closer to a full recovery, reaching 99% of pre-pandemic ASKs in September 2023, a gain of 1% compared to August 2023. 
  • In September, all markets apart from Europe and Asia Pacific were trending at or above pre-pandemic capacity. IBA continue to expect global passenger ASKs to surpass 2019 levels by October 2023.
  • Passenger ASKs from Chinese operators were trending 3% below 2019 levels during September, a slight regress from August where ASKs exceeded pre-pandemic volumes.                                                                        
  • 434,000 commercial passenger flights were recorded by Chinese operators in September 2023, compared to 490,000 in August 2023 and 191,000 in September 2022.
  • Overall, there were approximately 2.88 million commercial passenger flights in September 2023, compared to 3.08 million in August 2023, while 2.42 million flights were recorded in September 2022.
  • Whilst there was a fall in commercial aircraft deliveries in September 2023, so far during 2023, Airbus A320neo deliveries have averaged 45 per month, compared to Boeing's 737 MAX at 31 per month