We are extremely pleased to announce IBA’s acquisition of the Fleetwatch application from Aeromanage.

Fleetwatch provides the aviation leasing and finance community with mobile device alerts, linked to aircraft flight events and status changes, using ADS-B data. The application provides enhanced visibility to key stakeholders around how aircraft are being operated, enabling proactive and reactive portfolio management, forming an integral part of their risk mitigation toolkit.

Fleetwatch will provide IBA Insight subscribers with a range of information, via daily notifications, that can highlight a variety of significant aircraft use scenarios. Read the full announcement here.

Alongside our recently launched Data and News Alerting from IBA Insight, the Fleetwatch acquisition, and integration, further demonstrates our commitment to delivering clients enhanced insights that can be leveraged to manage risk and drive value creation.

Find out more at https://fleetwatch.app/ or contact us

Our Product Development Teams are working hard on this enhancement and are looking forward to announcing the release in the coming months.