The Federal Aviation Administration has approved IAG Engine Center USA’s Pratt & Whitney 4000 engine series certification. Strategically located near the Miami International Airport, IAG Engine Center USA will be providing engine MRO repair services ranging from hospital repairs to full overhauls for the PW4000 series of engines.

The recent IAG Engine Center Europe CFM56-5B certification paired with the IAG Engine Center USA PW4000 certification demonstrates each company’s continued growth in the breadth of IAG Aero Group’s commercial aircraft engine services.

IAG Engine Center USA is an IAG Aero Group company. IAG Engine Center USA is a world-class engine service provider with industry-leading MRO capabilities to provide customized solutions across an array of aircraft engines. The company’s flexible suite services PW4000, CFM56, CF6, and JT9D model engines from around supported by its Miami, Florida location and its sister company, IAG Engine Center Europe, in Rome, Italy.