HNA Group today announced several organizational updates, consistent with its efforts to refocus and streamline the Group’s strategy around its core aviation and aviation-related businesses in support of growth over the long-term.

Updates to HNA Organizational Structure

HNA Capital and HNA Technology, which previously operated as separate corporate entities under the HNA Group umbrella, will now be streamlined as business units of HNA Group, known as Aviation Leasing and Technology, respectively. HNA Technology Co. Ltd. (600751.SS) will remain under management of the Technology business unit within HNA Group.

Chris Jin, former CEO of HNA Capital, will become General Manager of Aviation Leasing. Eric Tong, former Chairman of HNA Technology, will become General Manager of Technology. Jin and Tong will lead teams responsible for financial planning, asset management and compliance functions within the respective units – and report directly to Chen Feng, Chairman of HNA Group.

“Today’s announcement is part of our ongoing commitment to streamline our organization and ensure that we are effectively aligned to strengthen the leading global positions of HNA’s aviation and aviation-related businesses. Chris and Eric will continue to play important roles leading these two business units in support of HNA Group’s overall success,” said Chen Feng, Chairman of HNA Group.

Updates to HNA Group and HNA Logistics Leadership

He Jiafu, CEO of HNA Logistics, will take on the additional role of Chairman of HNA Logistics and non-executive member of the HNA Group Board of Directors. Huang Qijun, former Chairman of HNA Logistics, will remain a member of the HNA Group Board of Directors.

Tang Liang is stepping down from his position as member of the HNA Group Board of Directors and as Chairman of the HNA Capital Board of Directors to focus on a personal business venture.

Adam Tan, CEO of HNA Group, said, “These management adjustments will help us refocus our overall business and promote new perspectives as we continue our growth as a modern aviation service provider. We are grateful for the hard work and commitment to HNA demonstrated by these executives.”

“I also want to thank Tang Liang for his steadfast leadership and business contributions to HNA Group and HNA Capital throughout the years. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”