Hong Kong, 15 December 2017 - Due to the impact of recent market fluctuations on the prices of some bonds, HNA Group (“HNA Group” or “the Group”) has repurchased some of its bonds and plans to repurchase additional bonds in the future.

HNA Group has full confidence in its business development and its liquidity position. The Group’s finances are stronger than ever, with current liabilities at a lower level compared to the past decade. The overseas assets of HNA Group in 2017 accounted for approximately 40% of its total assets, and generated approximately 60% of its total revenue. While the Group experienced rapid development, its debt-to-asset ratio has been dropping for seven consecutive years; it now stands at 59.5%, down from 82% seven years ago.

Today, the Group’s loans are obtained not only from banks, but various investments are secured through co-shared growth with investors. The Group has cooperative relationships with both Chinese and foreign banks, such as UBS, Barclays and J.P. Morgan.