Heston MRO Europe, an emerging EU based aviation components and materials supply organisation, rebranded to Heston Materials.

Following the initial establishment 2 years ago by Heston Aviation group, Heston MRO Europe has since developed into a mid-size independent components and materials supplier, substantially outpacing the growth of recovering post-Covid aviation markets. The company has established its strong market presence with the components and materials supply, exchanges, repair management programs, aircraft tear-downs, asset management, and other adjacent solutions.

Rebranding to Heston Materials is the next organic step on the strategic direction to create a strong, reputable, globally present, and recognizable airframe and engines materials player.

‘Heston Materials is aiming to continue filling the obvious gaps in the disrupted post-Covid supply chain industry. With the current technology aircraft to be operated longer due to pent-up demand for travel and disruptions in incoming new technology fleet, there continues to be a hyper-demand for components, materials, and repair management solutions for existing installed fleet’, says Kestutis Volungevicius, CEO of Heston Materials. ‘Not all incumbent aviation materials suppliers came out on the other side of Covid period in a strong position, which disrupted the established supply chain system, at the same time creating opportunities for new entrants. Since inception two years ago, our company has established itself as a strong mid-tier player in the components and materials supply space, but that was just the starting phase. Under the new Heston Materials brand, we will accelerate our growth and global reach through new investments, capabilities, team, and global reach. Our eventual goal is to establish Heston Materials strongly among the top 10 most trusted aviation components and materials providers globally’.

With its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, Heston Materials stocks own and managed components for A320, B737, and other aircraft platform through its warehouses in Ireland, USA, and Lithuania. The company is originating stock through aircraft and engines part-outs and recertifications. Its range of services include fully outsourced supply and repair management solutions, components exchange, loan, and lease programs.