September 2, 2023 - A330neo D-ANRB marks another milestone: Condor welcomes its ninth factory-new A330neo in Frankfurt. The aircraft, registered D-ANRB, will arrive at Frankfurt Airport at around 11.00 a.m. on Saturday morning. The commercial maiden flight is expected to take place end of next week to Canada. This means Condor has welcomed one aircraft a month since the end of 2022, as planned, and has now received half of the long-haul fleet on order. For the first time, the "Sea" livery was delivered on an A330neo with the newest fleet member. This completes the range of colors in the long-haul fleet and from now on, guests will fly to the world's most beautiful destinations in the colors "Island," "Beach" and "Sea."

"Thanks to the great commitment of our Condor team, the well-rehearsed cooperation with Airbus, the suppliers and the authorities, we have already been able to fleet half of the 18 aircraft ordered with the current aircraft," said Christian Schmitt, Chief Operations Officer and Accountable Manager Condor. "The feedback on the new long-haul aircraft, the comfort and design, and the amenities has been great. We are proud to be able to offer our guests a completely new Condor border experience in a class of its own with this, and to be flying the A330neo on all long-haul routes from 2024."

Condor expects to receive a total of 18 new long-haul aircraft as part of its overall long-haul fleet renewal program, which is scheduled to completely replace the current B767 fleet by 2024. The aircraft will fly in equal numbers in the three colors "Island"-green, "Beach"-sand and "Sea"-blue. In addition, the Supervisory Board has approved up to five further order options for an A330neo, but no order has yet been placed. The next A330neo will also be delivered in "Sea" color and is expected end of this month.

Once the long-haul fleet renewal is complete, Condor's short- and medium-haul fleet will follow, with the current Airbus A320/1 and Boeing 757 aircraft being replaced by 41 factory-new A32Xneo aircraft, including 13 A320neo and 28 A321neo. A total of 14 aircraft are scheduled for delivery in 2024 and 2025. In the long term, the Condor fleet will grow overall as part of the fleet renewal program.