On 25 December 2017, HAECO Xiamen redelivered YTO Cargo Airlines’ (“YTO”) first Boeing 757-200 converted freighter with Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) partner Precision Aircraft Solutions (“Precision”). HAECO Xiamen has partnered with Precision on the Boeing 757-200 passenger-to-freighter conversion since 2010, having completed 18 such converted freighters.

Mr David Su, Chairman of YTO, said: “The introduction of Boeing 757 in the YTO fleet will better facilitate our future expansion into the domestic trunk routes and cross-border e-commerce business.”

“Precision is honoured to be selected by YTO to perform the conversion of YTO’s first Boeing 757-200 PCF with our long-term partner, HAECO Xiamen. Our combined strengths in engineering design, installation and heavy maintenance, have produced a high quality and reliable product. We look forward to building a substantial fleet of converted Boeing 757 for YTO,” said Mr Gary Warner, President of Precision Aircraft Solutions.

Summit Chan, CEO of HAECO Xiamen, said: “This is a special occasion as we mark the beginning of our collaboration with YTO. The parties worked seamlessly together to redeliver YTO’s first Boeing 757-200 PCF in a timely and efficient manner. We look forward to continuing the close co-operation with our partners in this burgeoning market segment.”