HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen), a member of the HAECO Group (formerly known as “TEXL”), announced today the recent delivery of its 700th GE90 engine output. The company also announced the completion of its engine test cell upgrade, marking a significant milestone in the long-term development of HAECO’s engine services.

HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen) operates a state-of-the-art engine test cell rated to 150,000 pounds of engine thrust. This is capable of testing GE90 series engines, which are currently the world’s largest commercial aircraft engines in service. To prepare for the future entry of the GE9X series into the market, HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen) commenced a major modification of its engine test cell in April, introducing various enhancements such as upgrading the intake and exhaust stack to accommodate greater airflow, installing new noise reduction infrastructure and adding an extra safeguard structure on the thrust stand. Following the modifications, a shakedown test and full correlation test were conducted to correlate the modified engine test cell and confirm its serviceability and accuracy.

Angus Barclay, Group Director Components and Engine Services of HAECO, said: “HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen) is committed to providing world-class engine services, and we are proud to have completed our 700th engine overhaul. With our upgraded engine test cell, we are progressing towards capability for servicing the GE9X, supporting the company’s long-term growth and enhancing our competitiveness.”