Mexico City, Mexico, June 19, 2020. Due to the economic crisis resulting from the global Covid-19 pandemic, the global aviation industry has been deeply affected, a situation that will continue in the upcoming months. We continue operating, offering the best service to our customers following health protocols with the highest international standards and, in parallel, we are evaluating alternatives to move towards a better financial position after the impact of this crisis faced by all airlines across the world.

During the last four months, we have proactively taken constructive actions to protect and preserve the ongoing business and cash flow, always prioritizing customer service, with the full support and solidarity of all our employees, key suppliers and service providers.

The Company hereby informs that it has not initiated, nor has it made the decision to initiate, a restructuring procedure under Chapter 11 of the Unites States Bankruptcy Code. We are currently identifying additional sources of financing to strengthen operating cash flows. We are also analyzing different alternatives to successfully achieve, in the short and medium term, an orderly restructuring of financial commitments, without affecting or disrupting operations. The above in full coordination with unions, creditors, lessors and in compliance with the obligations derived from our licenses and concessions.

Every member of the great team that makes up Aeroméxico is certain that with the support of investors, financial creditors and key suppliers, we will emerge stronger, maintaining at all times passenger rights, with the business operating as a going concern, public service and source of employment.