Grupo Aeromexico S.A.B. de C.V. ("Aeromexico") (BMV: AEROMEX) today announces offer to acquire Aimia's stake in PLM.

Grupo Aeromexico ("Aeromexico") informs that, as a current shareholder of 51.145% of PLM Premier, S.A.P.I. de C.V. ("PLM"), it has made a non-binding proposal for the acquisition of the shares currently held by Aimia Inc ("Aimia"), representing 48.855% on a fully diluted basis, of the outstanding shares of capital stock (the "Stock") of PLM (the "Proposed Transaction") for an amount of $180 million US dollars. This amount, including dividends and marketing fees paid to Aimia since its investment, represents an annualized rate of return for Aimia of approximately 18%.

If completed, the Proposed Transaction would result in a positive outcome for Aimia's shareholders as it provides an opportunity to realize an immediate return on the disposal of an asset, the divestiture of which would have otherwise been challenging. The Proposed Transaction would also provide benefits to Aimia's stakeholders as it would provide material financial resources which Aimia can use to strengthen its core business.

The Proposed Transaction is subject to the satisfactory conclusion of transaction documents and any necessary regulatory and internal approvals. There are no conditions related to due diligence or financing.

It merits mentioning that Aeromexico has informed Aimia that the current contract between PLM and Grupo Aeromexico ("Aeromexico"), that establishes the basis of operation for the loyalty program Club Premier, will not be extended beyond its current expiration date.

Given the long-term intention of Aeromexico to take full control of its loyalty program, Aeromexico does not consider an IPO of PLM as an acceptable option. For this reason it is Aeromexico's view that the best long term solution for all stakeholders is for Aeromexico to acquire the equity stake currently held by Aimia.

The Proposed Transaction offer is valid until midnight of August 3, 2018, and Aeromexico is committed to engaging with Aimia's board to provide all necessary information to facilitate a successful outcome to this process.