DUBLIN, Ireland, Aug. 24, 2023 -- Griffin Global Asset Management (“Griffin”) is pleased to announce the delivery of a third Airbus A320neo to JetSMART Airlines, a South American ultra low-cost carrier. This aircraft is the fourth of a mandate of nine A320neo family aircraft to deliver to JetSMART Airlines, and is the first Airbus aircraft manufactured in Mobile, Alabama to be delivered to a South American carrier.

“We are excited to continue supporting JetSMART Airlines’ rapid growth with the most modern and fuel efficient aircraft available. We look forward to working with the JetSMART team as we deliver additional aircraft to them over the coming quarters,” said Eric Hild, Griffin’s Senior Vice President of Marketing.

JetSMART Airlines’ CEO, Estuardo Ortiz, commented: “We are proud to partner with Griffin to welcome the Guacamayo into our fleet, being the first Airbus A320neo manufactured in the United States to be operated in South America. We thank Griffin for their support to take one more step to reach our vision of 100 aircraft by 2028.”