São Paulo, November 3, 2020 – GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes S.A. (“GOL” or “Company”) (NYSE: GOL and B3: GOLL4, announces to its shareholders and the market in general that its board of directors homologated on October 29,2020 an increase in the Company’s capital stock, within the limit of its authorized capital, in the amount of R$304,223.92, upon the issuance of 116.116 preferred shares, with no par value, as a result of the exercise of stock purchase options granted under the Company’s Stock Purchase Option Plan.

The preferred shares issued are identical to existing preferred shares and, under the terms of the Company’s Stock Purchase Option Plan, will be entitled to the same rights granted to existing preferred shares, including the receipt of dividends and interest on capital.

The preferred shares were issued with the exclusion of preemptive rights of the Company’s shareholders, as approved pursuant to the provisions of Article 171, §3, of Law No. 6404, dated December 15, 1976, as amended.

The total issue price is R$304,223.92, in accordance with the Company’s Stock Purchase Option Plan, representing R$2.62, per preferred share.

As a result of the capital increase, the Company’s capital stock will be increased from R$3,164,750,130.96 to R$3,165,054,354.88, represented by 3,137,706,967 shares, of which 2,863,682,710 are common shares and 274,024,257 are preferred shares, all nominative with no par value.

Also, in accordance with Article 30, XXXII, of CVM Instruction No. 480, the Company discloses the following information:

– Sale price of all types and classes of the Company’s shares in the markets in which its shares are traded, identifying:

a) Closing sale price in each of the last three years as indicated:

 Minimum (R$)Average (R$)Maximum (R$)