Customers will have access to extensive flight connectivity with over 150 destinations and can choose in which program to accumulate points from codeshare flights

São Paulo, May 23, 2024 – GOL and Azul airlines announce today a commercial cooperation agreement that will connect their flight networks in Brazil through a codeshare agreement. This partnership covers all domestic routes operated exclusively, meaning routes operated by one of the two companies but not the other.

The agreement also encompasses frequent flyer programs, allowing Azul Fidelidade and Smiles members to earn points in their preferred program when purchasing segments included in the codeshare agreement. 

"This agreement will bring enormous benefits to our customers. Both companies have a history of developing Brazilian aviation with a focus on customer service excellence. With Azul's highly connected network serving most cities in Brazil, and GOL's strong presence on the main Brazilian markets, our complementary service offerings will offer our customers the broadest range of travel options in the market," said Abhi Shah, President of Azul. 

Consumers will benefit from this commercial partnership starting at the end of June, when the offer will become available through both companies' sales channels. 

Customers will gain access to hundreds of new domestic routes, along with more convenient connection opportunities. For example, one could travel from Brasília to Tabatinga with a brief layover in Manaus, or from Rio de Janeiro to Marabá with a stop in Belém. 

"GOL and Azul have always been dedicated to expanding the Brazilian aviation market. This codeshare agreement will provide customers with even more travel options across our country. GOL already has over 60 commercial agreements with various global airline partners, and we are eager to extend these benefits within Brazil," said Celso Ferrer, CEO of GOL. 

Azul and GOL operate approximately 1,500 daily departures. This agreement will create over 2,700 travel opportunities with just one connection.