Clearly, the market is re-evaluating and re-valuing the GlobalX opportunity in anticipation of what management believes will be an early Q2 FAA certification.

Since the start of the new year, average trading volumes have risen four to five times over 2020 and the stock price has climbed from $0.90 on January 4th to the $2.60 range as of this writing. Just based on chatter at online investor sites, people are calculating their own future values and potential returns of an FAA approved airline in the lucrative cargo and charter business with a clean balance sheet. The company has shown in its monthly management presentations that it has more than $50 million in signed and pending contracts contingent on certification. Importantly, management believes GlobalX will enjoy superior margins to legacy airlines based on the fact it has been securing aircraft at cut-rate deals due to hundreds of jets gathering dust on the tarmac.

The market will have an opportunity to hear the latest management update as it will be presenting at the Stifel 2021 Virtual Transportation & Logistics Conference being held on February 9-10, 2021. Ed Wegel, Founder and CEO, and Ryan Goepel, EVP and CFO, will virtually present on Wednesday, February 10th, at 2:40 PM ET.

A live audio webcast of the Company’s presentation will be available at:

with a replay available for 90 days following the live event, accessible at:

  • Many key milestones have already been met in 2021 starting with the delivery of the first Airbus A320 to GlobalX’s head office in Miami. The company’s next aircraft arrival is expected in mid-March and it expects to receive its first cargo jet in October.
  • An important question was answered for the market with the closing of a $5 million USD financing giving the airline all of the required financing needed to get through its final FAA and DOT certifications.  If all of the warrants issued, which are all currently in the money and are exercised, another $11.6 Million USD could be in the coffers during a key time of growth.
  • The company has continued to attract very impressive and experienced individuals as was evidenced with recent news on key additions to the board:
    – John Quelch, Dean of the University of Miami Business School
    – T. Allan McArtor, Vice Chairman of GX, past Airbus North America Chairman
  • A second round of training started in early February in Miami for pilots, ground crew and flight attendants. In late 2020 the employee number stood at 9 and has quickly grown to the current count of 44.