MIAMI, FLORIDA, November 17, 2020 – Global Crossing Airlines Inc. (JET: TSX-V) (the “Company” or “GlobalX”) pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent and payment of the initial deposit for its first A320-200 (the “Aircraft”), under an operating lease to be concluded with Dubai Aerospace Enterprises (“DAE”).

The Aircraft, a 2005 year build previously operated by a major US airline, is expected to be delivered to GlobalX in late December, 2020.  Delivery will occur after signing of the definitive lease agreement and the painting of the Aircraft in GlobalX colors. The slot for the painting has been reserved at IAC in Lake City, Florida.

The Aircraft was specifically selected by GlobalX to initiate scheduled charter services to Latin America, subject to all governmental approvals, and was previously operated by a US airline under N registration, which allows for a more efficient and timely entry into service.

GlobalX continues the development of its A320 passenger and A321 passenger and cargo aircraft fleet plans, as it continues its progress in Phase 3 of its certification as a US scheduled flag carrier. This phase primarily involves verification of all Operations and Maintenance systems by the FAA and the beginning of the training for all pilots, flights attendants, dispatchers and mechanics.