STUTTGART, AR.  September 30, 2019 - CAVU Aerospace announced today that it has acquired (2) Boeing ex United Airlines 747-400 aircraft, N104UA MSN 26902 and N116UA MSN 26908 for dismantle. The dismantling of the airframes has begun.

"We are committed to increasing value by delivering quality material to the aftermarket with accurate documentation” said CAVU Aerospace Founding Partner, Ken Kocialski.  He continued, "the acquisition of these aircraft enhances our material service offering to continue to support the 747 market.”

Once material is removed from the aircraft it be inspected on-site and entered into the CAVUSmartTags™ removal tag system.  This assures that documentation is accurate and allows for real-time visibility of the assets.

After repair & overhaul, the material will be available to end users on an exchange as well as outright basis. In the very near future, CAVU Aerospace will increase their offering with the opening of their CAVU Component Repair Facility in Mesa, Arizona.  For material inquiries, please contact our ready to response sales team via email at or call 870.224.0700. In addition, you can contact your account manager directly who is ready to assist with your material needs.