·       MSN 120, ex of China Southern, has been fully acquired from Jet Midwest.

·       The aircraft is currently at the Mojave Airport (MHV) where Business Class Aviation (BCA), with support from HiFly, have completed return to service work. 

·       9H-GLOBL expected to leave the United States in the coming weeks.

·       Global has entered into agreements to purchase four aircraft, with MSN 120 the first. 

London, 2nd February, 2024

The identity of Global Airlines’ first aircraft is now known.

MSN 120, the airlines first aircraft, last flew on December 22nd, 2022 and in the intervening 13 months, it has been continuously maintained and looked after by expert teams in the Mojave desert. 

But in the last few weeks, as the airline builds towards its first ferry flight, work on the aircraft has ramped up, with the assistance of Hi Fly and Business Class Aviation. 

Since the decision to make MSN 120 the maiden Global aircraft, no stone has been left unturned in return to work preparations.

As well as all protective devices being removed, the BCA and Hi Fly teams have refreshed all fluids on the aircraft, including hydraulics, oil, fuel and water. Additionally, every nook and cranny of the aircraft has been inspected. 

Global purposefully mandated BCA and Hi Fly to go above and beyond in terms of the return to service works, and this has included putting it through the same paces as a brand new aircraft. As part of this, following Airbus instructions, all aircraft systems were tested, including an almost to full thrust, on tarmac, engine run. 

All tests were a success and reports from the return to service process, which included interior inspections, show that the aircraft is in very good condition.

9H-GLOBL, which will fly under Maltese registration, is now fully owned by Global and expected to leave MHV in the next few weeks, with its next destination announced in due course. 

 James Asquith, CEO and Founder of Global Airlines said: "Purchasing an aircraft takes a phenomenal amount of time, and over the past year, we, with support from partners, have been putting the building blocks in place to take full ownership of the aircraft and plan its first flight. 

“Lots of people predicted we wouldn’t make it even this far, and I couldn’t be happier to be giving MSN 120 a second lease of life. 

“The fact that after such a rigorous inspection from BCA and Hi Fly,the aircraft was found to be in such good condition is testemant not only to our unwavering commitment to safety, but to the enginerring excellence of Airbus. 

“I must also thank Jet Midwest for all their help and assistance this past year, and hopefully we will be able to work with them on identifying and acquiring more A380’s and developing our fleet.”

Paul Kraus, Chairman of Jet Midwest added: “We are delighted to have worked with James and his team on the successful closing of this A380 aircraft.

“Our team here at Jet Midwest is excited about Global Airlines’ innovative vision of welcoming in a new era of commercial air travel. The entire Jet Midwest team looks forward to continuing to deepen our relationship with Global Airlines and to supporting their operational excellence with Jet Midwest’s expertise in asset management, component supply and MRO service offerings.”