Stuttgart, AR. August 12, 2019 – Last month, Brent Webb, CAVU Aerospace Secret Weapon & Vice President of Technology Integration, was elected President of the board of directors for the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA). AFRA is a global membership-based association that strives to elevate industry performance and increase commercial value for end-of-service aircraft. The election was held during the annual conference on July 14-16 in Montreal, Quebec Canada. The theme of the annual AFRA conference was “Future Forward”.

Webb has 30 + years’ experience in the aviation & aerospace industry. Webb has also served on various AFRA committees including Website Redesign, Government Affairs, Research & Development and Best Management Practices Committee. In addition, Webb serves as President & CEO of AIMS (Aircraft Inventory Management) in Dallas, TX.

“It’s an honor to be elected and serve as the AFRA board President. I have been a part of AFRA since its inception and the core values of AFRA are philosophies that are critical to fostering safe recycling practices in the aviation industry. I will continue to pursue policies and practices that provide a stable framework for company growth,” said Webb.