GetJet Airlines has taken delivery of its first Airbus A330-300, adding a widebody aircraft to its fleet for the first time. It is also the first A330-300 in the Baltic States.

The aircraft is equipped with 300 seats, 30 of which are designated for business class. Its market value is $70M. The Airbus A330-300 will have the longest range capability in the GetJet Airlines fleet, as it is widely used on routes up to 10,000 km. It will, therefore, enable the airline to operate transatlantic flights.

With its delivery the Vilnius based carrier seeks to expand its operations into new markets, as the new aircraft can cover much longer distances than the company’s current fleet of Boeing 737-300 and 400, and Airbus A320.

“We demonstrated strong and sustainable growth over the past three years. Our growth rate quite literally doubled every year. Therefore, over the next couple of years our goal is to stabilize and shift our focus from growth to optimization and efficiency.

A fleet of 15-20 aircraft is optimal in our business. Adding the A330 will allow us to try out new business paths. We are already talking with several potential clients. Should this project be deemed successful, we might consider adding several long-haul aircraft to our fleet in the future.

This feels like a natural step for our ambitious company and it will certainly strengthen our position in the ACMI market,” says Darius Viltrakis, CEO of GetJet Airlines.

Getjet Airlines revenue 2018 – €8,83M. In the near future GetJet Airlines plans to expand its fleet even further and end 2019 with 15 aircraft.