Georgia Power and the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC) today announced an approximately $100 million investment in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's infrastructure to help ensure the highest reliability with the most resilient power system for the world's busiest airport.

Through the long-term investment, Georgia Power and AATC will provide all terminals and concourses at the Airport with permanent back-up power generation service. The approximately $100 million investment includes both the cost of the new power generator system as well as the installation. Georgia Power is providing the infrastructure and AATC will pay for the back-up generation services provided.

"We are dedicated to ensuring we provide safe, reliable energy for the long-term needs of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as it continues to grow with our city and our state," said Paul Bowers, chairman and CEO of Georgia Power. "We are working hand in hand with our partners at the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company and the City of Atlanta to invest in the airport's power infrastructure to help ensure the highest reliability for our customers today and their future growth."

Georgia Power will partner with AATC to operate and maintain the generator systems, which represent state-of-the-art energy infrastructure provided by another Southern Company subsidiary, PowerSecure. The new power back-up system will be installed over the next two years and will replace the Airport's current back-up system.

"Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company, the City of Atlanta and Georgia Power have all been working together as one team to help ensure that our passengers who travel daily through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport continue to have a safe, world-class experience," said Dr. Kofi Smith, CEO of AATC. "Our long-term investment in the airport will help continue to position Atlanta at the forefront of commercial air travel serving passengers from our region, the country and across the globe."

The investment is made possible through a three-way agreement in which the City of Atlanta recognizes AATC's and Georgia Power's joint plans to upgrade the Airport's utility infrastructure.

"This investment will not only benefit the City of Atlanta for the long term, but will help ensure Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport continues to serve passengers safely and reliably as the world's busiest airport," said John Selden, general manager of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.