Today Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company Limited (GAMECO) announced the completion of its 20th 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) at GAMECO’s facility in Guangzhou, China. After completion, Boeing handed over the aircraft to Genesis, an Irish-based aircraft lessor.

“Just over a year ago, we partnered with Boeing to bring much-needed air cargo capability to our customers and opted to extend the life of existing airplanes in the Genesis portfolio,” said Karl Griffin, CEO of Genesis. “Genesis’ first 737-800BCF is already serving global eCommerce markets, and we look forward to delivering this second 737-800BCF to its next airline customer. ” Griffin said.

“This is a significant milestone for GAMECO,” said Dr. Marc Szepan, CEO of GAMECO. “We are proud to have completed our 20th 737-800BCF conversion, and we look forward to continuing to work with Boeing and our partners to meet the growing demand for freighter aircraft worldwide.”

The 737-800BCF conversion primarily involved cutting a section on the aircraft’s left side and installing a large main deck cargo door. To prepare the aircraft for this heavy modification, GAMECO tube-stripped the interior, removing seats and interior monuments, and then lifted the aircraft through a process known as jacking and shoring. During the conversion process, GAMECO reinforced the floor beams and installed a rigid cargo barrier, a cargo loading system, and other interior systems.

The 737-800BCF is capable of carrying up to 23.9 tonnes (52,800 pounds) and flying up to 2,025 nautical miles (3,750 kilometers).