September 29th, 2021, Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. (GAMECO) and Thales (China) Enterprises Management Co., Ltd. (THALES) signed the Commercial Letter (Key Business Terms) at the 13th Airshow China in Zhuhai .

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Norbert Marx, GAMECO General Manager, expressed that "GAMECO and THALES have kept a stable cooperative relationship. The signing of the Commercial Letter marks closer cooperation between the two Parties, which plays as an incentive in promoting GAMECO's business expansion and capability development on new types of aircraft component. Thales is an international enterprise with business in all continents. It is a trusted partner in China's aviation industry, with over 30 years history. We look forward to working together for a high-quality and more efficient aircraft component repair services to our customers. "

Mr. Jerome Bendell, THALES North Asia Vice President and CEO of THALES China also stated that "We attaches great importance to the cooperative relationship with GAMECO and will support GAMECO on material, technical manual, test software and equipment supply. Adhering to the win-win development strategy for collective benefits, providing tailored business plans for our customers around the globe is the key to THALES’s success. Through close cooperation with GAMECO, we hope to provide local aviation enterprises with best expertise and satisfying technical solutions. ".