April 9, 2019 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida - GA Telesis (the Company), a leader in integrated aviation services, reported the execution of a long-term agreement with JetBlue (NASDAQ: JBLU). The agreement, which began in December 2018, covers the repair and overhaul of a variety of components for JetBlue’s fleet of Embraer 190. “We started working with JetBlue in early 2018 and our performance on TAT and reliability led to the execution of a long-term agreement,” said Pastor Lopez, President of MRO Services. “Our team of dedicated professionals is very proud of this accomplishment. This agreement is the result of our team’s effort to continuously improve everything we do for JetBlue.”

The MRO Services Group has a strong focus on performance by deploying lean operations and eliminating waste from daily activities that lead to direct cost savings for our customers. Our “OEM Parts Only Philosophy” and current OEM arrangements provide a great benefit to GA Telesis’ customers and OEM partners. GA Telesis can deliver OEM quality material at competitive prices to its customers while enhancing the OEMs market channels.

“The E190 is important to our current network strategy, particularly in the Northeast and on some of our busiest key routes,” said Bill Cade, Vice President, Technical Operations, JetBlue. “GA Telesis is a valued partner of JetBlue overseeing the maintenance of our 60 E190 aircraft.” In January of 2018, the MRO Services Group announced a long-term Repair and Overhaul License Agreement and Parts Supply Agreement with Honeywell. Keeping with its OEM-alignment philosophy, the agreement includes repairs of over 175 base part numbers and line replacement unit (LRU) repair items and sourcing over 1,200 material supply line items from Honeywell Aerospace. Products include electro-mechanical, pneumatic and mechanical LRU’s covering a variety of Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer fleet applications. The Company plans to continue its OEM alignment strategy with other OEMs that will allow it to provide OEM approved repairs while using genuine OEM approved materials at competitive rates.