January 18, 2024 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis Engine Services (“GATES”) announces the induction of the first CFM56-7B engine for disassembly and the completion of two CFM56- 7B LPT Module Disassemblies at the US-based Specialized Procedures Aeroengine Hospital (“SPAH”) in Wilmington, Ohio. The CFM56-7B engine and CFM56-7B LPT Modules were delivered by Aero Engine Solutions (“AES”). The inaugural disassembly marks another major milestone for the joint venture between GA Telesis, LLC and Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (“ATSG”).

"We are thrilled with the continued success of our strategic growth initiatives at GATES US. The inaugural disassembly with AES illustrates how our valued customers recognize and appreciate the tremendous value generated by our centrally located US facility. I am proud to witness the tangible results of our efforts, and we remain dedicated to fostering strong partnerships, delivering exceptional value, and further solidifying our position as a leader in the market," said Russ Shelton, President of GA Telesis Engine Services US.