Fort Lauderdale, Florida – March 8, 2023 – GA Telesis ("GAT"), the pioneering leader in integrated aviation services, announces its MRO Services Component Repair Group ("The Company") exceeded 100 landing gear legs overhauled and shipped to customers worldwide in 2022. After receiving FAA certification, this product line was added in the middle of 2019. The Company worked closely with the regulators during the certification process to ensure that the highest industry standards were met and exceeded.

In August 2022, The Company announced it was on track to set a new production benchmark. At year end, The Company delivered 112 landing gear legs, with revenue reaching a new record as forecasted midyear. Revenue for the landing gear business has grown 149% on a compound annual rate basis since its introduction, and it accounts for over 20% of the total revenue for the MRO Services group. The Company has customers under contract in every region of the world, including major North American carriers.

"We were able to quickly build a team of experts that have surpassed the expectations of the business," commented Pastor Lopez, President, MRO Services. "Our team is constantly communicating with customers at various levels, providing immediate technical solutions to real problems," he added.

The Company provides unparalleled technical expertise, and real-time customer service support which are critical differentiators for the MRO Services group. Further, the MRO Services group focuses on performance by deploying lean operations and eliminating waste from daily activities, leading to direct cost savings for our customers. The "OEM Parts Only Philosophy" and the Company's multiple OEM material service agreements benefit GA Telesis' customers and its OEM partners. MRO Services plans to continue its OEM alignment strategy with other OEMs, allowing it to provide OEM-approved repairs while using genuine OEM-approved materials at competitive rates.