July 8, 2020 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida - GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces the purchase of a V2527-A5 engine from Air New Zealand.

The engine will be immediately inducted for disassembly and adds to an already impressive expansion of product lines within the Component Solutions Group over the last five years. Upon completion, the used serviceable material (USM) will be repaired and made available to GA Telesis’ airline and MRO customers worldwide. This engine will bolster GAT’s USM inventory and provide new cost-saving solutions for airlines as they begin to rebuild flight networks during these demanding times.

“This transaction was a great collaboration between our Asset Transaction Group and Component Solutions Group. We are excited to have worked with Air New Zealand in procuring this engine and look forward to continue supporting our airline customers worldwide,” commented Alex Tuttle, Chief Operating Officer, Component Solutions Group. “This is the 11th engine we have purchased since the COVID-19 pandemic and it is our intention to continue to grow our inventory to support our supply- chain needs, both in good times and in bad,” added Tuttle.