The new airline in Norway, Flyr, moves towards a second quarter take-off by selecting its aircrafts, their design, and the airline’s investment strategy. On Monday, the Oslo-based airline revealed that they have chosen the Boeing 737-800, as well as the airplane livery.

Flyr chose Boeing 737-800. Pictured here with new airline livery.

– It's an aircraft that we in management have a lot of experience with, also there is simulator capacity in Norway and crew and mechanics with ample experience and competence, says Erik G. Braathen, founder of Flyr.

Flyr now works to implement all commercial and operative systems in place, as well as the procedures and manuals required for a safe, robust and punctual airline.

Private equity funding
The airline has been met with a positive response in the market, and the plan is to fully fund the airline through private investments of NOK 600 million. Arctic Securities, along with two other Norwegian investment banks, will be advising in the placement.

– The capital will be sufficient to fund a lean organization with the people and competencies needed, says Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid, CEO of Flyr.

– We are in a situation where we can obtain the right aircraft for the right price, and where we can build our systems with new, up to date technology. Our goal is to provide the customers with a seamless, digital service from start to finish, says Wikstrøm Frislid.

In flight before summer
During the second quarter we will see Flyr’s first planes in the air, and then a gradual expansion of routes and destinations. During the initial phase, the airline will service the larger Norwegian cities and popular destinations in Europe. Looking ahead, the airline plans to have a fleet of 28-30 aircrafts.

– We have said that we will adapt the number of airplanes to market demand. Adaptability and flexibility will be highly important going forward, even though the future looks brighter for the industry now than it did a few months ago, says Wikstrøm Frislid.