As part of the Gama Aviation Group, FlyerTech is pleased to introduce their 'AOC Services Suite'. Designed exclusively for start-up airlines and aircraft operators, this service marks an innovative advancement in operational support.

As an all-encompassing solution, the 'AOC Services Suite' functions as the operational core for operators, offering seamless end-to-end support. It facilitates airlines and aircraft operators to effortlessly manage all facets of their operations, unifying operations, maintenance, airworthiness, design, and software under a single service provider.

With a track record of over 20 years, FlyerTech has consistently delivered CAMO and technical services to a diverse clientele including commercial airlines, the business aviation sector, lessors, and aircraft owners. Operating as part of the Gama Aviation group of companies, the 'AOC servcies suite' encompasses CAMO services, MCC and OCC management, flight planning and trip support, FBO services, ferry flights, Part 21J and Part 145 services, and more. All operational activities are carried out through the group's own software organisation, myairops, who offer comprehensive solutions for managing flight operations, FBOs, airports, maintenance, and CAMO activities.

This new service provides aircraft operators and start-up airlines with a cost-effective one-stop-shop for all their operational needs from a single supplier. It alleviates the stress of managing numerous service providers, offering risk management, compliance, cost savings, scalability, and flexibility. The 'AOC Services Suite' presents itself as a catalyst for airlines and aircraft operators seeking growth and success in a competitive market, redefining the standards for operational excellence.