Staffordshire UK, 9th April – FLYdocs, the aviation data and digital records management solution provider, today announced the official launch of its new Asset Management Platform at MRO Americas 2019. In leading the digital innovation charge in aviation software, FLYdocs is taking a huge step forward in helping lessors and airlines realise the full benefits of embracing a paperless future.

Within the cloud-based Asset Management Platform, lessors have instant access to the most business-critical information regarding the contractual obligations of their lessees to ensure ongoing compliance. Additionally, users can also tap into the data they need to manage and protect the value of their aircraft and engine portfolios throughout the term of the lease. Airlines not building up external Maintenance Reserves benefit from being able to more accurately predict Maintenance Event Intervals/Cost and budget for them through their own internal accruals.

Key features of the FLYdocs Asset Management Platform include:

Asset management to track the history of every major assembly, including utilisation, shops visits and engine/APU LLP snapshots;
Lease management, capturing essential core lease data, including contractual terms and events, to effectively manage lease compliance throughout its life;
MR and EOL compensation to record current MR and EOL rates along with their escalation process, while MR claims are managed, and MR funds are tracked;
MR and EOL compensation forecasting, encompassing advanced event forecasting (interval, timing and cost) and cash flow predictions;
Reporting and Dashboards utilising advanced reporting and mobile-optimised dashboards for managing a portfolio interactively in real time; and
Event management, including automated reminders of critical events such as insurance schedules, annual rate escalations and utilisation reporting.
Mark Hadfield, FLYdocs’ Head of Asset Management comments:

“One of the largest challenges for lessors and lessees has been the inability, using current software, to accurately forecast maintenance reserves and end-of-lease compensation, which can have a major impact on business health and asset value. That’s until now! Using real-world expertise from within the FLYdocs team, we’ve built the most advanced algorithms for calculating precise and accurate maintenance reserve and EOL compensation cash flow forecasts to help reduce risks and allow users to make financial decisions with confidence.”

André Fischer, CEO of FLYdocs adds:

“Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to digital data management, and so we’ve built this new Platform using the same source technology and database as our Aircraft Records Management Platform. This deep integration of lease, asset, records and financial data – unmatched by any other existing solution – provides our clients with unrivalled control over their assets and operations.”