Flycana aims to launch as the Caribbean's first LCC from its base in the Dominican Republic. Launch date is set for 4Q 2018.

The carrier will fly under the AOC of its predecessor Dominican Wings, which was sold by Avion Express to local businessman Victor Miguel Pacheco Mendez. Flycana also has an initial investment of US$60 million and a fleet of five A320s, formerly operated by Dominican Wings.

Initially routes will be throughout the Caribbean, with plans to expand into North and Latin America over the next few years, including Mexico, Canada and the US.

The carrier's intitial base in the DR is still be negotiatied.

By 2023, Flycana expects to fly to 50 destinations with more than 25 aircraft, transporting 6.5 million passengers per year.

Other founders include William Shaw and Mike Powell, both industry veterans.

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