Buenos Aires, January 28, 2019.- Last Saturday, Flybondi, the first ultra low cost airline in Argentina, celebrated one year since the beginning of its operations. The pioneer company in its category made an important investment in the country and was one of the main ones in the generation of Argentine jobs and indirect jobs, besides boosting local economies in the destinations to which it flies. By 2021 it aims to transport 10 million passengers, generating 2,000 new direct jobs and more than 25,000 indirect jobs.

In its first year of operation, Flybondi transported nearly 1 million passengers, which more than 130,000 traveled for the first time by plane. In its first 8 months it managed to obtain 8% of the Argentine air market.
Currently the company offers flights to 15 destinations within the country and 2 international destinations, reaching to date 21 operational routes and 7 new routes already launched for sale that will begin to fly from March.

Mike Powell, Flybondi’s chairman, said: “We are proud to celebrate with our passengers and all our team this first year of operation. It translates into important milestones for the industry: we are pioneers as an ultra low cost airline in Argentina. 2018 was a great year, because we have managed to get thousands of people to connect to the lowest price in the market through reliable service, insurance and close attention. We will continue working to promote the economic, social and tourist growth of Argentina and the countries of the region”.

Andrés Vacarezza, interim CEO of the company, expressed: “Flybondi is creating a new passenger market that previously did not fly or did not do so assiduously. In this year we managed to generate a business model that was and continues to be disruptive. And among the paradigms that we challenge, one of the things we are most proud of is having democratized the plane as a means of transport”. He also referred to the airline's plans for this year: “In the first half of 2019 we will begin to operate 7 new routes and we will continue to evaluate the aircraft market in order to execute new additions to our fleet starting in the second half of the year”.

The first year in a new industry
Flybondi is the first ultra low cost airline in Argentina, and is the first to operate in the first low cost airport in Latin America.

The company began its operation on January 26, 2018, uniting the city of Córdoba with Puerto Iguazú (Misiones).

Throughout this first year, Flybondi was a precursor in several aspects that drove the low cost industry. Among them are:

Achieved a record of opening routes in 1 year: 21 operational routes (18 cabotage and 3 regional)
Incorporated 5 Boeing 737-800 New Generation aircraft
The only company in the industry that generated direct employment to more than 390 people in 2018. Flybondi currently has a team of more than 560 employees.
Since the beginning of the operation, it has already transported almost 1 million passengers, of which more than 130,000 flew for the first time in their lives.
Operates from the first low cost airport in Latin America (El Palomar Airport).
Inaugurated 3 routes that were not operated by any airline in Argentina: Mendoza-Iguazú, Mendoza-Bariloche, Córdoba-Corrientes. And others that only had a single option as an air offer for more than 18 years, such as Corrientes, Posadas and Santiago del Estero.
Flybondi developed its own ramp service with a significant investment in equipment and hiring of its own personnel for the operation and self-provision of this service at airports.
Completed 2018 with a market share of 8% on domestic flights.
It is the first airline to be 100% digital

A future in growth
In October 2018, Flybondi obtained the 15-year concession from a total of 284 routes, in addition to the 85 that the company already had, which will allow it to continue with its expansion plan in the coming years.

In this context of growth, the ultra low cost airline will start flying from March 7 new routes that are already on sale and that will connect two new destinations, Rosario and Trelew, in addition to those already operated by the company. Also, possible routes to Brazil are being analyzed to start operating in the 2nd. half of the year.

Destinations Flybondi flies to: Argentina: Bahía Blanca, Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Corrientes, Jujuy, Mendoza, Neuquén, Posadas, Puerto Iguazú, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Rosario, Trelew. Paraguay: Asunción. Uruguay: Punta del Este.

New cabotage routes: Rosario with Iguazú, Tucumán and Salta; Trelew with El Palomar (Buenos Aires); Córdoba with Salta and Neuquén, and Mendoza with Neuquén.