●       The first low-cost airline in Argentina continues to add more planes to its fleet: today, it received its 12th aircraft, and it also plans to add five more planes in 2023.

●       Flybondi also announced that it will reconnect the cities of Córdoba and Salta in March.

●       The company reached a new milestone: since the commencement of its operations, it has now carried over 6,000,000 passengers.

Buenos Aires, January 16, 2023. – Flybondi, the first low-cost airline in Argentina, welcomed the year 2023 with the announcement of goods news and the continuation of its investment plan in the country. Flybondi's twelfth aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 NG, has arrived in Argentina from Arkansas, USA. Flybondi will begin operating the aircraft after carrying out the pertinent administrative procedures for its certification and registration; the aircraft will carry the registration mark LV-KEF.

As announced a few months ago, Flybondi is also searching the leasing market for at least 5 more aircraft to add to its fleet during 2023.

Thanks to the success of this plan, which allowed it to double the number of aircraft in its fleet, Flybondi has more than doubled its market share with respect to 2019. Currently holding a market share of 21% for domestic flights and 5% for international flights, the company has positioned and consolidated itself as the second largest airline in the country. Additionally, its flights have an occupancy rate above 90%.

Flybondi has recently announced its third inter-provincial route, and from March 2, it will reconnect the provinces of Córdoba and Salta. This route will have 3 weekly flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Another milestone that allowed Flybondi to start the new year celebrating was reaching, in the first few days of January, the number of 6 million passengers carried since the commencement of its operations. This number reflects the growth experienced by the company in the past two years in terms of market offer and share. It is worth noting that first-time flyers are still included among Flybondi’s passengers: 20% of the passengers carried by the company are people who are flying for the first time in their lives.