FlyArystan, Kazakhstan’s Low-Cost Airline, carried 1.5 million passengers in 2020. Against the backdrop of a global aviation recession, FlyArystan continued to deliver standout growth, while meeting its ambitions to offer low fares in the Kazakhstan market. Since its operations began in May 2019, FlyArystan has carried over 2.2 million passengers and expects to carry over 3m passengers in 2021.

The milestone of 1.5 million passengers carried by Kazakhstan’s only LCC was achieved in 10 months of flying due to two months of flight suspension because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over half of the seats sold were at prices below 10,000 Tenge (US$24) for a one-way flight. The average load factor during the year was over 85%, while on-time performance exceeded 90%. FlyArystan expanded its destination count and now serves 28 routes to 14 cities in Kazakhstan.

In 2020, FlyArystan increased the number of aircraft in its fleet from four Airbus A320s in January to seven aircraft in December. FlyArystan will take three more aircraft in the first half of 2021 to grow the fleet to 10 A320s. In addition to the existing routes from bases in Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Atyrau, FlyArystan has invested in the development of regional flights. Therefore, in 2021, FlyArystan plans to launch new routes from Shymkent and Aktau.

In 2021, FlyArystan will build on its impressive growth by launching more than 14 new routes, continue to reduce fares and deliver industry leading on-time performance. A remarkable achievement from an airline that has been operating for less than 2 years.