Toulouse, 30 May 2024 – World’s number one manufacturer of regional aircraft ATR, and Indian pure play regional airline FLY91, today announced the signature of a Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA), a pivotal step towards providing reliable and cost-effective regional air travel across India. Under this comprehensive agreement, ATR will provide repairoverhaul and pooling services of Line Replaceable Unitspropeller availability and repair services, as well as engineering and on-site support for FLY91’s growing fleet of ATR aircraft. Initially covering two ATR 72-600, the 100% tailor-made pay-by-the-hour contract is set for a duration of five years, with a clear path from FLY91 to substantially increase its ATR fleet within the same timeframe, up to 30 aircraft.

“As a regional carrier, we are dedicated to serving our customers with reliable, comfortable flights and seamless connectivity,” said Manoj Chacko, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at FLY91. “While the ATR 72-600 stands out as the smartest aircraft choice, offering unbeatable economics and cabin comfort, the ATR GMA will be instrumental in further boosting our operations. ATR’s proven track record of delivering high-quality products and services, coupled with their competitive pricing, played a significant role in our decision-making process as they align perfectly with our ambitious plans for quality, reliability and fleet growth in a competitive market.”

Stefano Marazzani, ATR’s SVP Customer Support and Services, commented: “With over 40 years of expertise, ATR is ideally placed to support FLY91’s ambitious development plans, sharing insightful data and best practices to ensure their fleet benefit from continuously high performance. This means looking for optimisations wherever possible, anticipating and rationalising maintenance costs, striving for better spare parts availability and reliability, improving troubleshooting, advising on upgrades and providing on-site support with the aim to provide extra value. The GMA business model is enabling all parties to go the extra mile together.”

Today, 80% of the ATR -600 fleet covered by a pay-by-the-hour contract is covered by an ATR GMA, which shows both the attractiveness of the offer and its relevance for ATR operators.