Fly2Sky Airlines is thrilled to announce a new ACMI contract with United Nigeria Airlines. Commencing from mid-October and spanning through March 31, 2024, Fly2Sky Airlines will collaborate with United Nigeria Airlines to provide winter operations support.

Under this contract, Fly2Sky Airlines will deploy one Airbus A320 LZ-FSA aircraft, renowned for its efficiency, reliability, and passenger comfort. The aircraft will be based in Nigeria and operate routes domestically. By stationing the aircraft in Nigeria, both airlines aim to contribute to the growth of the local aviation industry while offering passengers enhanced connectivity and travel options to domestic destinations within Nigeria.

"We are excited to bring our Airbus A320 LZ-FSA to the heart of Nigeria and provide seamless winter operations support for United Nigeria Airlines. This collaboration is not only an expansion of our business but also about strengthening the ties with our partners in the African continent." said Aleksandrs Gusevs, the CCO.