flair airlines, Canada’s only independently owned ultra low fare carrier today announced a major rebranding to reflect the company’s vision of the future.

David Tait, flair’s Executive Chairman, stated, “For too long Canadians have had virtually no competitive choice between the cozy duopoly of full service airlines. But our fares are as much about competing with the great Canadian couch as with the ‘big two’ and the new look we are about to introduce will make us even harder to ignore.”

Effective today, flair’s, quite literally, top to bottom redesign includes a new website and URL, flyflair.com, a new logo that will define its brand, bold colour that will harness visitors’ attention, new crew uniforms and of course an eye catching new aircraft livery (aka ‘paint job’).

The re-brand will set the course for the airline’s next stages of growth: Since last summer when it announced Edmonton as its new headquarters, flair has increased its workforce by some 20 per cent to over 300, relocated to four floors of office tower at Edmonton International Airport, introduced new international routes and welcomed the first Boeing 737-800 aircraft into its fleet – four more are planned to arrive by the end of 2019.

Charles McKee, flair’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented “The bright modern design is reflective of the positive spirit we want travellers to experience and makes a solid statement that Flair is on a mission to make travel more accessible, more affordable and more desirable while allowing us to add little humour along the way.”

Key Highlights of flair’s Re-Brand:
– New Flight Attendant uniforms, with special accents created by up-and-coming Canadian designers CarryCorp (set to be released in April 2019).
– An entirely new aircraft livery, with the first Boeing 737-800 due to enter service in March 2019.
– Airport signage, inflight menus, website and more, to be released Feb.13, 2019