FL Technics Engine Services, subsidiary of FL Technics, Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) organization, has just announced about receiving Part-145 approval from the Transport Competency Agency of Republic of Lithuania (TCA) approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its engine MRO quick turn activities and are already welcoming their first clients.

FL Technics Engine Services quick turn activities’ shop offers airlines, lessors and asset management organizations high quality tailor-made solutions for aircraft engine life cycle’s optimization.  FL Technics Engine Services already signed the first contracts for annual re-preservation and further long-term storage within it is brand new and fully equipped Part 145 facilities for two CFM56-3C1 Engines.

“We’re extremely pleased that in such short time FL Technics Engine Services have already acquired clientele for its new services. Since CFM56-3C1 remain a valuable asset and a popular engine type in its niche, especially in Europe, preservation and long-term storage procedures are in high demand. It is great that now FL Technics Engine Services are able to provide even more high quality services as such,” said Julius Bogusevicius, Head of Engine, Airframe and Materials Services at FL Technics.  “The first of the engines we are starting to service at the moment is being re-preserved for a lessor. This will maintain engines value until a decision for further actions – repair or teardowns – is made. The second engine is considered as spare engine and the airline, our client, definitely would like to keep it ready for immediate operation in case potential AOG (Aircraft on ground) situation,” continued Julius Bogusevicius.

The quick turn engine shop allows customers to optimize their engines’ Time on Wing (ToW), simultaneously optimizing and minimizing costs using the full scope of FL Technics Engine Services and FL Technics one-stop MRO services.

“The cases of our first clients show, that this new quick turn engine shop allows us to provide high quality services in a timely manner’” stated Valerij Deveikis, the Chief Executive Officer of FL Technics Engine Services. “Being located in Kaunas, with strong integration to FL Technics base maintenance hangars, warehouses and the logistic infrastructure, FL Technics Engine Services will be able to fix engine problems significantly faster.”

Additionally, the current situation in the European air cargo market shows that quick turn activities are in high demand. While Covid-19 invoked travel restrictions within the EU have drastically affected the operations of passenger narrow-body aircraft and the number of grounded planes increased from 20% to 75%, the cargo market has generally remained stable, with an almost constant grounding rate of 10-11% with an increased aircraft utilization, mainly driven by major express logistic carries and local Covid-19-related charter programs. During the peak of first Covid-19 waves, most land borders within the EU were closed and air cargo became even more efficient and convenient than before.

Cargo flights within the EU are mainly in the short-haul range and this is why Boeing 737-300/400 models are largely used in Europe and Asia regions. Europe is the main region and an extremely important niche for B737-400 cargo aircraft, as B737-400 utilizes engines faster due to higher thrust in classic generation, which is making B737-400, powered CFM56-3C1 engines, quite Covid-19 resistant.

During this summer season, FL Technics were able to meet the high demand of active B737-300/400 model aircraft base maintenance, 737-400 Landing Gear services and CFM56-3 Green-time engine support, mainly driven by EU operators, while Airbus 320 / Boeing 737NG passenger fleet was mainly grounded and parked. More than 30 narrow-body aircraft were parked by FL Technics in Kaunas and Vilnius airports. Additionally, local peaks of aircraft parking are creating the demand for lease and spare engine redeliveries and storage services.

"With the current oil prices, lease rates and the demand, 737-300/400 will stay the main short-haul narrow-bodied freighters in Europe, with the slight diversification of B737NG / A320ceo freighters, powered by CFM56-7B and CFM56-5B. All these factors determine that FL Technics Engine Services capabilities for Quick Turn Activities for CFM56-3, CFM6-5B, and CFM56-7B make the company diversified, stable and Covid-19-resistant," said Andrey Baydarov, Chief Analyst at FL Technics Engine, Airframes and Material Services. “Such solutions as engine preservation, storage, and hot section, or light repairs are revived during this moment of uncertainty, cargo boom and low utilization, as airlines and asset owners are quite careful with long-term planning”, concluded the chief analyst.

FL Technics Engine Services is the first approved Part-145 Engine Maintenance Organization for Turbofan Commercial Engine Repair in Lithuanian History.