Following a period of accelerated growth, Finnair is now moving into a new phase. The company seeks to grow in line with the market, targeting sustainable and profitable growth.

Finnair’s Board of Directors has defined the following targets for the 2020-2025 strategy period:

  • Comparable EBIT of over 7.5% over the cycle (at constant fuel and currency), after a 12-18 month build-up period
  • ROCE of over 10% over the cycle (at constant fuel and currency), after a 12-18 month build-up period
  • On-time-performance of over 85%
  • Improved Net Promoter Score and improved employee Net promoter score

Finnair aims to deliver these targets through a focused strategy that leverages the geographical advantage of Finnair’s hub in connecting Europe and Asia.

During its Capital Markets Day on 12 November 2019, Finnair will elaborate on network and fleet optimization, operational excellence, retailing strategy and sustainability. Finnair’s management will also discuss its estimated investments for the strategy period and their potential financial implications.

Additional guidance for the 2020-2025 strategy period includes the following indicative items:

  • Capacity growth, measured in Available Seat Kilometres (ASK) of 3-5% CAGR
  • Optimize liquidity, yet keeping cash to sales ratio above 15% (34% as per 30 September 2019)
  • Gearing ratio 175% at maximum (74% as per 30 September 2019)
  • Assess renewal and downsizing of the hybrid bond
  • Increase the share of owned aircraft vs. leased aircraft
  • Keep the dividend policy unchanged

The agenda for Finnair’s Capital Markets Day is available at


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