AELS recently completed the acquisition of a Boeing 737-800 airframe. This acquisition is realised with the support of PTS Aviation (Standard Aero group). The aircraft had its final touchdown at Twente Airport in Enschede, the Netherlands, and will be disassembled and dismantled by the professional AELS team at the AELS premises.

By purchasing end-of-life aircraft and dismantling them in a sustainable and responsible manner, AELS is able to serve the global aviation industry with aircraft parts and helps to alleviate the operators’ supply chain pain. By acting in this way, AELS has gained a unique position in the circular aviation industry.

The approximately 1500 parts, including the landing gear, APU, wheels & Brakes of this B737 aircraft, will be added to the AELS’ inventory in due course, ready to make their way to new owners.